Roosje van Donselaar

visual artist


2020 – ..

‘Cosmotheoros’ – a Wunderkammer of celestial bodies

Throughout the centuries, mankind has been trying to determine, classify and capture ‘the extraterrestrial’. The installation ‘Cosmothereos’ demonstrates this perpetual human desire. Various observations, insights, real-life events and fantasies from different perspectives (religion, the occult world, science and astronomy) come together in a clash.
Mankind is not just spiritually linked to the cosmos, but physically too. We are made of stardust, after all. ‘Cosmothereos’ combines the terrestrial and the celestial.

The use of clay and gold has a symbolic as well as a poetic value. Clay is the residue of all that has lived. Plants, animals and people all (re)turn to clay when their life ends.
Gold can only be formed through the death of a neutron star. The supernova triggers nuclear reactions through which gold is created.  

Clay and gold: two materials that are both created at the final stage of a life cycle. One is considered worthless (clay) and the other very valuable (gold). Yet, both are a residue of life.
In ‘Cosmotheoros’ these materials are merged to present the story of the cosmos.

• Gold plated clay (23 carat gold leaf), wood, metal
• Every sculpture is unique, handmade and signed

Shown at Dirt Gallery (Schiedam, 2020), This Art Fair (Amsterdam, 2021).
Coming up: The Frozen Fountain (Amsterdam, Nov 2021 - Jan 2022)

Photography: WoRo (photo retouching: DOG postproduction), Vicent Orts